VP Hiring is highly regarded in the industry, as one of the best executive recruitment agencies, when it comes to finding talent.

We are also among the highest rated executive search firms in the Northeast region. For more than 30 years, our firm has helped countless of companies, find the best talent in the world. Our exemplary track record in discovering and delivering superior candidates to clients, is exceptional. That is part of why VP Hiring 's executive search services, are so sought after and used. It is also why our executive headhunters are the best in the industry.

With every successful candidate placed, we continue to become a more and more respected global leader. VP Hiring uses comprehensive and distinct methods, when it comes to retained executive search. Our high rate of success, has earned our team of management recruiters, an exemplary reputation. In addition, it has also garnished VP Hiring 5 star ratings, when it comes to top executive search firms in the New York area.

Top Rated Recruitment Firm

We understand that there are numerous retained executive search companies available. That means new clients may have to think twice about why they should choose us. However, the answer to this question is simple. Companies from all over the world choose VP Hiring because of our results. For decades, our team of exec search pros, have provided the best talent to companies in every industry sector. In the end, when it comes to business, the bottom line is results.

VP Hiring executive placement services deliver exceeding results to clients on all fronts. The tenet by which VP Hiring was founded and thrived on, has always been customer service, professionalism, solutions and outcome. Combined together, they ensure that we render clients, unparalleled deliverables. Our entire team of top headhunters, have years of experience and high levels of achievements. VP Hiring dogma, is predicated on offering support, personalized solutions and superior results.

Meet the Team

James Dickson

James Dickson is the CEO & Co-founder of VP Hiring. Since 1992, James has excelled in the role of CEO and Senior Executive Recruiter for the company. His dedication, professionalism and competencies, helped play a major role in the expansion and growth of VP Hiring . James's capabilities, indefatigable work ethics and cognitive intellect of the retained search industry, are unequaled. His relentlessness and efficiency, derive from his many years of experience in headhunting the most prodigious talent. There is a long list of clients James has assisted in finding and retaining for small, medium and fortune 500 companies. The success of VP Hiring, is predicated upon providing successful staffing solutions to enterprises all over the world. James Dickson, along with a team of exceptional and seasoned recruiting experts, provide comprehensive workforce outcomes. With over 30 years of experience in the retained search industry, Mr. Dickson has established his mark as a proven-talent finder. Meeting companies specific needs, is part of why placement of C-level positions, is VP Hiring's Recruitment specialty.

Jorge Guerra

Jorge Guerra is a renowned and respected Executive Recruiter for VP Hiring. His specialties include workforce provision for top-level companies all over the world. Stephen has been effectively identifying and positioning executive-level talent for decades. Companies which are recognized as achievement-oriented, have benefited and prospered from Jorge's staffing solutions, experience and implementations. Mr. Guerra has been with VP Hiring since 1998. All the while, he has been building indispensable relationships with significant company leaders. Those key partnerships, are part of the effectiveness in achievements and expansions for both clients and candidates. His pivotal position placement has led to growth and profits for all of those involved. His 17 years of experience in the executive search industry, have made Jorge an authoritative and respected figure. His ability for discovering, recruiting and placing top talent, are incomparable and extraordinary.

Geoffrey Gill

As head of leadership consulting for VP Hiring, Geoffrey Gill has established himself as an invaluable asset to our company and the industry. Working closely with professionals seeking job placement, Geoffrey is a central figure in staffing solutions. He provides career guidance and tutelage to candidates from a panoptic spectrum of industries. Geoffrey is able to hone in on the goals and competencies of job-seeking candidates. He then matches them to promising and lucrative opportunities. Geoffrey Gill is well respected by both top company executives and prospecting candidates. His penchant for finding and combining talent with the ideal position, is unmatchable. In addition, Geoffrey also specializes in sourcing candidates, finance, marketing recruitment, accounting and development of candidates.

Colleen Hayes

Since joining the company in 1999, Colleen Hayes has been successfully leading the daily operations of VP Hiring. Her impeccable and impressive track record, have catapulted Colleen to the top when it comes to executive search experts. For years, she has been implementing procedures and cognitive operations brilliantly. The vital processes Colleen incorporates, exceed objectives and organizational goals. Her resume includes years of experience, dedication and professionalism, combined with exceeding results. Colleen's business acumen and leadership, are an invaluable asset to VP Hiring, candidates and clients. She is able to effectively execute a broad number of marketing strategies. In addition, she manages client relationships, with unsurpassed competency.